Reusa is a recycling business in Mexico City which provides recycled raw materials to manufacturers of recycled goods. The client wanted a logo that suggested recycling without using the actual recycle sybmol.

Straford Memorial Church

Straford Memorial is a Seventh-Day Adventist church located on the south side of Chicago.

The brief was to create an identity that feels traditional and professional while incorporating a contemporary feeling that would appeal to both young and old members of the congregation.

Urban Apple Logo

This was a collaborative project with Brandon Chase and Matt Hecht to create a logo for a small urban realty business.


Brandon: Concept, preliminary design
Matt: Typography
Myself: Final design and colors.

Read more about the creative process

Kakar House of Design

Kakar House of Design is a Florida based furniture / interior design shop focused on minimal, classic style.

Hive Media Logo

Hive media is a company that provides video format conversion services.

My Photo Mentor Masthead

My Photo Mentor is an instructional photography website that needed a logo/masthead for their website.

Their goal was to be warm, friendly, inviting. Competing sites are by men and have a very masculine, "gear-head" feeling that they wanted to avoid.