TSI Chicago

Technology Sourcing Inc. is a Chicago based IT company that specializes in providing IT staff and support. I was responsible for coding a custom Wordpress theme from scratch. Design was done by David Fields.

    Site Features

  • Custom Wordpress Theme
  • Weekly Database Backups
  • Constant Contact newsletter archive
  • Animated Javascript counter

Christina Karin

Christina Karin is an up and coming Chicago fashion label. Their website is a showcase of the current collection as well as an online store.

    Site Features

  • Jquery slideshow gallery
  • @FontFace webfonts
  • Mailchimp newsletter integration
  • Custom designed scrollbars

Apartment People rewards

Apartment People created this coupon site to give new customers an online portal that would connect them to promotions with their business partners. I was responsible only for the development work on the site. The site is live but is only available to Apartment People customers.

    Site Features

  • Custom Wordpress Theme
  • Ability to print only selected coupons.
  • Replacing default checkboxes

Trungale and Egan Site Design Proposal

Trungale and Egan is a full-service design agency in downtown Chicago. TEA wanted a website that would emphasize social media and web marketing as a core part of their business but not lose sight of their more traditional services.

Women Of Strength

Women of Strength is a Christian women's retreat sponsored by LRC Women's Ministries. The site was a collaboration with my friend, Justin Hampton.

    Site Features

  • Spanish/English
  • Jquery Lightbox gallery
  • Jquery slideshow
  • Dynamic Text replacement
  • Alert box for IE 6 users
  • Custom designed scrollbars
  • Custom Designed forms

Kakar House of Design

Kakar House of Design is a Florida based furniture / interior design shop focused on minimal, classic style.


  • Logo design and Branding
  • Entire site design and development

CTG Managed Futures

CTG assists clients in finding the right Commodity Trading Advisor to help with investing in managed futures. I was responsible for redesigning the homepage and for designing almost all of the subpages based on the original homepage design. The rest of the site was coded by the team at Trungale and Egan.


  • Clean-up and tweaking of homepage design
  • Simplify information architecture
  • Redesigned navigation
  • Content creation and research

Stoeckler Financial

Stoeckler Financial is a Chicago based full-service wealth management firm. I am responsible for updating content and troubleshooting through the Wordpress CMS.


  • Updating content through Wordpress
  • Debugging / Troubleshooting
  • Updating Wordpress when needed